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The Hyentyte Family traces its lineage as far back as 1998 when five intensely passionate, aspiring musicians crossed paths in the prosperous Minnesota town of Eden Prairie. Since then, 8+ years have passed, and that passage has seen a series of family reincarnations, name changes, new members, and personal journeys. Still, the original members of hyentyte remained it’s core. Moreover, what started as a simple idea (good friends, making good music for good friends) rather than a band, grew into something stronger and much more significant.

With the combined musical knowledge and continuous drive to push and improve their live performances, Hyentyte creates a contagious and highly energetic experience for their fans. In addition to their effort to cover music genres well across the spectrum, this sextet has built the proper foundation in Minneapolis that will leave them rooted in Minnesota where ever they may go. Hyentyte capably blends & bends different genres of music together with the greatest of ease, always resulting in one big, phat, booty- shakin’ good time!


Upcoming Shows
  • December 30th, 2011 – The Cabooze



Photos coming soon…


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